Tree Felling & Stump Removal

Once a tree has come to the end of its life then we employ the techniques of tree felling & stump removal / stump grinding to remove all traces of the tree.


There are many reasons for the felling of trees. Occasionally trees may become diseased and be in a state of decline beyond any method of alternate care; the tree/s may be affecting planning applications or construction projects; or the tree/s may be felled out of personal preference. We use only the safest methods of felling, where possible felling the tree whole, as you would in a forestry style situation. If whole felling is unsafe we utilise modern rigging techniques with high strength ropes, pulleys and frictional devices to sectionally fell the tree in a controlled manner, ensuring little to no disturbance to the surrounding environment.

Stump & Root Removal (Stump Grinding)

Once a tree has been removed you may require the removal of the stump and roots that are left behind. The full removal of a stump allows you to grass over the area immediately and eliminates the use of growth prevention chemicals. To destroy a stump and its root system we use one of our stump grinding machines dependent on the access and size of the area in question.

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